Prosongo : BHASHA ANDOLON, 1986

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21st July, 1986. On that day, the Assam Police had heavily come down on the agitators demanding withdrawal of SEBA CIRCULAR by which Assamese was imposed on all other linguistic groups. The police fired indiscriminately on the demonstrators mobilized in front of Karimganj Circuit house where the then Chief Minister was stationed and thereby killing two youths on the spot and injuring many. Thereafter, the reign of terror was let loose through the inhuman police atrocities to contain the people’s wrath against the police administration in particular and the power-that-be in general. Many linguistic groups of Assam was aggrieved and agitated and all were being coalesced into a common platform to fight against this chauvinist approach and the poignant situation was embroiled and pregnant with a bigger struggle. The ruling class retreated and the circular was shelved for the time being.

 The aggressive manifestation of chauvinism of Assamese ruling class was not new, it was a repetition of earlier such episode and most sordid one was 19th may, 1961 when eleven youths were martyred by the bullet of Assam Police. This repetition of the same phenomena of aggressive chauvinism countered by people’s fury to scale down to soft chauvinism makes someone skeptical. Why those language movements of Barak Valley could not come out of the vicious cycle of action-reaction paradigm? Why those people’s movement could not rise above the transitory issues and strike the root of this Chauvinism to settle it once for all? Why undemocratic socio-economic structure could not be challenged adequately?      

There are many such questions and different answers in the minds of concerned people. Let there be a vigorous interaction which may culminate into a solution with path breaking insight & people’s activism. With this intention, few write-ups to be published in the “AMADER SAMAKAL, a vernacular magazine from Silchar, Cachar, Assam  are posted in the SWABHIMAN website/blog. The visitors of this site/blog are invited to spell out their mind directly or to mail their write-up to swabhiman’s e-mail id.  
Prosongo : Bhasha Andolon 1986

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