Protibadi Aandolon O "Bamponthider" Bhumika.

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People's spontaneous response to the call of  Paratibadi  Manch, a conglomeration of several Bengali middle class organisations of Silchar, reveals the deep feeling of deprivation in the minds of the people. But a section of the media & the intelligentsia are skeptical about the motive behind this movement. The milieu is being heated up with conflicting opinions and points - counterpoints. The people who came out to the street in large number is getting confused and hesitant. The opportunity of initiating a vibrant debate from within the people's activism is lost and nipped in the bud due to direction-less hullabaloo of the "conspiracy theory pheriwallas". This write-up to be published in Arunodoy, Silchar, deals with the inherent logic of the whole episode and dissects the middle class mindset.

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