Rallies Of Unorganized Sector Workers at three districts of Barak Valley - A brief report from President, Manas Das

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Rallies Of Unorganized Sector Workers

 Formation   Of   Asom   State Council   Of    NTUI

Asom Mojuri Shramik Union,the organization of downtrodden workers of unorganized sectors, has organized three consecutive rallies at the District Headquarters of Barak Valley ---- Karimganj, Hailakandi and Silchar on 6th, 7th & 8th September,2013 respectively. As the Union is affiliated to New Trade Union Initiative (NTUI), the All India Secretary Comrade Gautam Modi from New Delhi attended the Convention and delivered speeches at Hailakandi and Silchar rallies.  
He has given a vivid idea on the background of formation of NTUI.  It was, indeed, necessary to form an independent Trade Union forum at this juncture when most of the Trade Unions are catering the needs of respective political parties only. While
discussing about the political scenario vis-à-vis struggle of working class in the country, he pointed out the different movements of working class and toiling masses over the world.  The President of Paschimbanga Cha Shramik Karmachari Union & a renowned leftist intellectual Comrade Vaskar Nandy
has highlighted the wretched condition of workers in Tea Gardens, in different Industrial Sectors and peasantry. He also spoke on the adverse effects of neo-liberal economic policy adopted in the country and the heinous conspiracy  of  imperialism throughout the world.  Comrade Robson
Munda, President of Bagicha Shramik Sangstha has put forward his deliberation in ‘Sadri’, the mother tongue of most of the Tea Garden workers of the Valley, which was hailed by them. He reiterated for a united movement of Barak and Brahmaputra Valley Tea Garden workers to
make a better living condition and also to uplift the great cultural heritage as well as provision of educational facilities in respective mother tongue. Both Comrades Nandy and Munda delivered their speeches in all the three meetings.  Comrade   
Press Statement issued by Manas Das
Dr. Abu Taher, President Asom-Arunachal Pradesh Petroleum Workers’ Union has delivered at Hailakandi and Silchar. While discussing on the necessity of united movement of the working class, he sung a few songs on unity of the masses. Comrade Dr. Devabrata Sharma, Co-ordinator,

Preparatory   Committee of  Asom State Council of  NTUI during his speech at Silchar briefed how the people of Asom in general and working class in particular are fighting against the chauvinist forces as well. Members of the Union have participated the rallies from far off villages of the valley with
great zeal and impetus. Followed by meetings processions were taken out with placards and banners at all the three towns and moved through different streets by raising voices with slogans.
The meetings at District Library, Karimganj; Nazrul Sadan, Hailakandi & Narsingtola Math, Silchar were presided over by the Chairperson, Nari Mukti
Sangstha retired Vice Principal Comrade Mandira Nandi; Hailakandi District Committee President of Union Comrade   Dakshina Mohan Das & Comrade Mrinal Kanti Shome, President, Cachar District Committee of Union  respectively.
Quite a good number of Local Leaders and
Advisers of Asom Mojuri Shramik Union, other Trade  Unions and  Social Activists of  Barak  Valley spoke on the occasion. Among those are Advocate Subrata Paul, Sishir Dey, Samsul Huda, Md. Abdur Rahman, Jamal Uddin, Abdul Kalam, Manowara Begum, Tinku Gupta, Altaf Khan, Advocate Nekibul Hussain Choudhury, Advocate Najmul Hussain, Advocate Abdul
Haque, Mukta Nath, Parvez Khasru Laskar, Advocate Nazrul Islam Majharbhuiyan, Kajal Demta, Hema Dube and Dharitri Sharma.
In the evening of 8th September Delegate Session held at ShreeMa Bhavan, Silchar. The delegates from Asom Mojuri Shramik Union, Bagicha Shramik
Sangstha, Asom-Arunachal Pradesh Petroleum Workers’ Union, Construction Labour Union, Bongaigaon, Casual & Construction Workers’ Union, Bongaigaon were participated. The session initiated by Comrade Sishir Dey, Zonal Secretary, Asom Mojuri Shramik Union, Barak Valley Committee with a declaration of Presidium, consists of Comrades

Chandradhar Kalita, Robson Munda, Jagat Sinha, Abu Taher, Dakshina Mohan Das, Mrinal Kanti Shome & Samaresh Dey. Comrades Biswajit Das and Abu Taher’s inaugural songs inspired the 100 odd delegates participated the session.
Comrade Gautam Modi highlighted that
NTUI has formed with a sole intention to organize the members of unorganized and organized sectors to fight out the onslaughts of Managements and Government nexus on the working class, also to raise demands for better living conditions, minimum wage for livelihood etc. and to fight out the partisan
 concept of Trade Unionism. Though a left orientation is prevailing in the core activities of the NTUI, it has extended for a broader unity amongst the working class to usher a new dimension in Trade Union activities. Com. Modi also discussed about the coming General Assembly of NTUI to be held at industrial city Aluva in Jerala on 19th - 21st November, 2013 and International Conference on 22nd – 23rd November, 2013, where the Delegates and Observers are to attend proportionately according to the membership strength of the Unions affiliated to NTUI. Com. Vaskar Nandy also put forward supplementary information regarding the General Assembly and asked to prepare for attending the same at Aluva to strengthen the unity amongst working class of the country. Com. Devabrata Sharma narrated about the formation of Preparatory Committee of NTUI Asom State Council, which was held on 14th July in Guwahati and decisions thereon.  .                                              
In the Delegate Session Comrades Narayan Gogoi, Kiran Tanti, Abul Husain, Bhadreswar Saikia, Dharitri Sharma, Abu Taher, Samaresh Dey, Altaf Khan and others from different districts of Asom delivered. During reporting they gave an impression of activities of the Union in their area of works and in other peripheries, which encouraged the Delegates to a great extent.
The Delegate Session culminated with the formation of Asom State Council of NTUI with the following Office Bearers and Executive Committee Members:
President- Com Manas Das, Vice-President- Com. Robson Munda, Com. Abu Taher, Com. Altaf Khan, Secretary - Com. Devabrata Sharma, Assistant Secretary -  Com. Sishir Dey, Com. Kiran Tanti, Com. Abul Hussain                                         Executive Members -  Com. Chandradhar Kalita, Com. Dharitri Sharma, Com. Motin    Roy, Com. Probodh Buragohain, Com. Sopon Bora, Com. Arup Baisya, Com. Chandan Roy, Com. Narayan Gogoi, Com Bhadreswar Saikia, Com. Diganta Sharma, Com. Parvez Khasru Laskar, Com. Bindu Gunju, Com. Mrinal Kanti Shome, Com. Keshab Dutta, Com. Bipul Hazarika, Com. Manowara Begum, Com. Samaresh Dey.

It is decided that in future, some more members will be co-opted in the committee. It has also been decided that proportionate number of Delegates and Observers will attend the General Assembly at Aluva from different affiliates of NTUI from Asom. 


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