Women's Charter for the 16th Lok Sabha Election and Womanifesto

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women-votersThis election season, there are two women’s charters on the table. The first is the Women’s Charter for the 16th Lok Sabha Elections compiled by the All India Dalit Mahila Adhikar Manch, the All India Democratic Women’s Association, the National Federation of Indian Women, the Centre for Women’s Development Studies, the Guild of Service, the Joint Women’s Programme, the Muslim Women’s Forum, the Young Women’s Christian Association and the All India Women’s Conference – all formidable actors in the women’s movement with long histories. The second is the Womanifesto, which younger feminists have taken the lead to draft and which women and men across the country have endorsed. It has been endorsed by prominent politicians and some political parties as well. Read together, they are a wish-list of changes we’d all like to see. (Source : www.dnaindia.com)


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