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Unlike the rise of Nazi Germany following Hitler’s Warmacht or ‘war machine industrialisation, the rise of fascism in India in its present phase is in the backdrop of a ruling neoliberal ideology by which the Government has assigned to themselves the role of a promoter, an agent of private corporations, not one of regulating mediator between big business and poor people. In the name of high growth, industrialization works ruthlessly against the poor majority, denying them the real political options within the orbit of our existing parliamentary democracy. The simmering discontent and popular anger within the toiling masses has now become visible. The militant resistance movement of the peasant masses against the large scale eviction or the capitalist accumulation through displacement especially in the state like Chattishgarh vis-a-vis central India, the peasant movement for MSP and for implementation of Swaminathan Commission report is visible in large part of the country. The curtailment of labour rights, the Dalit oppression, oppression of the Tribal population, gender degradation, ecological degradation, curtailment of minority rights, discrimination based on languages and nationality bring forth passionate protests. But these movements are revolving around the idea of reformism, not the overcoming of imperialism or the ushering of socialism. The imminent task of the revolutionary forces is to intervene and lead these movements for revolutionary neo-democratic transformation and to be informed by socialism, not by reformism. The idea of laissez-faire capitalism is doomed; the global capitalism can survive all its inherent contradictions in a dystopian world through genocide and enslavement of populations. The attempt to go back to old form of nation-state with certain control over economy is destined to fail in the face of global movement of capital and neoliberal restructuring of capitalist production and reproduction. Such social order can only exist on the basis of fascistic mind control and the continuous exercise of daily police surveillance and violence.
(1)  The resistance against the dismantling of organized work force has failed. The drastic reduction of organized workforce in the entire production centre is visible in all the Indian industrial landscapes. The working class is fragmented spatially and temporally in terms of work-status and social-status. The emergence of new class of workforce in service sector is also characterized with fragmentation in terms of their immediate demands of wage hike and social security. The disjointed struggle of one section of workers or another are defeated with the shifting of capital from one workplace to another and by nullifying the struggle through the rapid centralization of capital. But the transformation of these new kinds of industrial and informal working class and the transcendence of their consciousness from fragmented one to class-in-itself to class-for-itself can only be guaranteed through a united front of union struggle and the struggling unity of worker-peasant movements.
(2)  An alienating consumerism is needed to solve the dilemma of a sagging effective demand produced by wage repression and technologically induced unemployment for the mass of the worker. After the initial phase of neo-liberalism, the small section of upwardly mobile middle class is alienated and subsumed into crass consumerism through high-technology-dependent lifestyle. The rest of the large section of them is degraded into sub-human status with long-hour monotonous jobs with below value earnings. Their need and desire for a better life are modulated by the market values. The struggle with an alternative vision from a working class perspective can only release their suppressed ego and make this section a repository of revolutionary values for the entire working class. But this section of the working class constitutes a small part of the entire working class. The rest of the entire working class consists of SC-ST-OBC-MINORITI AND WOMEN.
(3)  After a prolong phase of neo-liberal policy drive and the shedding of welfare character of the state, the Dalit and identity movements are resurfacing with a new dimension under the coercive pressure from present NDA regime. More the working class of diverse oppressed castes and communities is becoming assertive, more the section of organic intellectuals are compelled to address the caste-community rights from a working class perspective. The grass root pressure from below and the pressure from the fascist concentration of power from above are giving rise to new alignment and realignment of forces. The unity of SP and BSP in UP not only indicates the electoral arithmetic, but also reveals the transformation of feudal class division of labour between OBCs and SCs into the emergence of homogenous working class across the caste groups. The more the caste-community and class get woven seamlessly together, then the faster the fuse for revolution to burn. The emergence of this new reality brings forth new issues for mass struggle. The identity issue has primarily become intermingled with violation of human and citizen rights issues. The resistance movement needs to be built against state repression and caste-religious persecutions. The support to the identity movement needs to be extended on the basis of the principle of equal rights and dignity and right to self-determination. To develop the struggle for the direct provisions through addition of use value in the area of housing, health, education, food security instead of profit-maximising market driven exchange value must be the revolutionary agenda against neo-liberal capitalism. In addition to the worker’s-peasants issues of wage hike, social security and state support for agricultural development, the resistance movement against land acquisition and privatization and the movement for public and cooperative ownership based production need to be the part of revolutionary agenda.
(4)  The rise of fascism and the fascist takeover of the state is dependent on the success of Hindutwa agenda of Sangh Parivar grasping the masses and the electoral success of BJP in the forthcoming national hustings. The immediate task to defeat fascism is to defeat BJP in electoral battle and for which broad-based electoral unity of parliamentary parties is required. But fascism of Sangh variety of Hindutwa has had a long gestation period; it emerges as anti-liberal bourgeois mass-movement. So to defeat fascism in its entirety, revolutionary unity and the unity of all democratic forces to build a mass struggle on an alternative agenda of development beyond the growth oriented neo-liberal development model and a people’s state with participatory democracy is urgently needed.
(5)  A united protest movement of all revolutionary forces against every form of imperialist aggression and in support of anti-imperialist people’s struggles for self-determination like Palestine needs to be built nation-wide. While opposing and building resistance movement against ecologically destructive and anti-people development through mass-displacement, we must build worldwide solidarity movement to create pressure on developed nations to adhere to the spirit of Kyoto protocol. The revolutionary pedagogic task to enlighten the working class to stand for diverse anti-neoliberal social movements and to build united action with all such social forces needs to be undertaken.

(6)  For the left radicals, politics must be the art of making the impossible possible and we have to overcome the old and deep rooted error attempting to build political force without building the social force, because this form of conceiving politics ignores the people and their struggles. The debate on all strategic issues related to the radical change of social relation of production should not be confined to small revolutionary group(s), rather it should be made open to the public for wide participation.                  


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