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The workers-members of the various tea-garden unit committees of  of Assam Mojuri Srameek Union of Cachar District of Assam staged a sit-in-demonstration on 15th Sept 2011 in front of Asstt. Labour Commissioner Office in support of their demands mentioned in the memorandum submitted to all concerned and appealed to all the right-minded people through the media to come out in support of their demands for amelioration of their distressed and dejected livelihood status. The inhuman slave like treatment meted out to them is detrimental to the overall welfare of the whole society at large.     
Barak Valley Zonal Committee
Regd No. 2287
Ref :                                                                                                                                         Date:
A section of worker-members of the
unit committees of various tea-gardens 
of Cachar Ditrcict staging sit-in-demonstration 

The Asstt. Labour Commissioner (State)
Silchar, Assam

Sub : Wage parity between Barak – Brahmaputra valley tea-workers, Wage enhancement and Need based minimum wage for tea-workers.

We, on behalf of Assam Mojuri Srameek Union, Barak Zonal Committee, which has its units in various tea-industries of this region, would like to draw your kind attention to the following points for your perusal and needful action.

(1) Sir, when a tea worker of Brahmaputra Valley is getting the wage of Rs.72 a day in cash in addition to the 3.25 Kg  of cereals per week food-grains at 40 P a Kg and free wood for fuel that added up to an amount of not more than Rs.20 a day, a tea-worker of Barak Valley is getting a measly amount of around Rs.55 a day in cash. Moreover, during the every wage-increase on the basis of the stipulated slab-wise increment, the increase of real wage is offset and lowered cunningly by simultaneously increasing the task (Nirikh). This is gross violation of the principle of equal wages for equal work and these anomalies should be eradicated forthwith by maintaining parity in wages and the task of 18kg plucking should be maintained till it is revised in the next round of negotiation .

(2) When the MGNREGA-workers who are considered as unskilled rural manual workers are getting the daily wage of Rs.130/worker, the present daily wage of tea-worker of Barak Valley vis-à-vis Assam is too meager to maintain the livelihood. So the daily wage of tea-workers should be enhanced from the existing Rs.55 to at least the level of MGNREGA-wage.

(3) The 15th Indian Labour Conference held in 1957 stipulated that the need based minimum wage for all industrial workers should be calculated covering the food and living requirements of three units consumption. Under this guideline and in view of the present consumer price index (CPI), the tea-worker’s wage will be much more than the double of the existing wage. The resistance of the employer’s associations to consider 1.5 units instead of 3 units in case of calculating the tea-worker’s wage on the ground that the engagement of both male & female workers implies two earners in the family is absolutely unfounded & baseless. There are ample evidences contrary to their claim. Moreover, as the existing wage is much less than the half of need based minimum wage that would have been determined by the Wage Board under the guideline enshrined in the declaration of Indian Labour Conference and the exiting CPI, the workers are extra-economically coerced to accept less than bare minimum wage that would have been the actual wage, if calculated on the basis of the ill-founded logic of the employer’s too. So, an immediate revision-process of the wage-structure of tea-workers of Barak Valley vis-à-vis Assam needs to be initiated taking our Union, which is one of the genuine representatives of the tea-workers, into confidence.

(4) 20% Bonus along with 5% ex-gratia  should be paid to each worker before the forthcoming puja-festival.

                                                                    Yours faithfully
                                                       Assam Mojuri Srameek Union
                                                       Barak Valley Zonal Committee

Copy to – (1) Honourable Cabinet Minister, Ministry of Labour, Dispur, Assam. (2) Deputy Commissioner, Cachar, Silchar, Assam (3) Secretary, Tea Association of India, Silchar, Assam (4) Secretary, Indian Tea Associations, Silchar, Assam.

Assam Mojuri Srameek Union
Barak Valley Zonal Committee



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